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//] Uses the intrinsics of comparison/measurement //] to show that symmetry and continuity //] are inherently conjugate perspectives. //] Generalizes same to consistency //] with the essense of Godel and EPR, //] as well as the apparent conflicted relation //] between QM and GR. //] //] The ICT; Particle Version
//] Re-explain the same theorem as the above, //] using the Standard Model of particle physics //] as the conceptual explanation framework. ] ppub2 copy \dvol\projects\apps\content\uvsm_1\idm_foundations_01.pdf "/dvol/projects/js/web_system_1/htdocs/uvsm_8/idm_foundations_01.pdf" LEGA: This software and all website content copyright (c) Forrest Landry, 2017; all rights reserved. You will not modify, create derivative works of, decompile or otherwise attempt to extract code or content from us, in whole or in part, in source, binary, or any other form, UNLESS you are expressly permitted to do so under an open source license OR we give you express written permission. DATA: #| I_EZ4_WD8_X | S |
Table of Contents
#| I_EZ4_WF4_X | B | What Resources are available? #| I_EZ6_PAC_X | G | Intro: Why study Philosophy, Metaphysics?
A preliminary conversation about Philosophy, the use of the term "metaphysics", jargon, historical philosophers, science, popularity, the nature of relation, realism and idealism. The Reformation of Metaphysics
Development of the clarified concept of Metaphysics as an inquiry into foundational domain concept relationships, and exposition of a means of thinking that results in a preliminary presentation of the Axioms. Metaphysics in Layers
// ] edit "\dvol\control\civilization\civ_design_1\metaphysics_layers_2.txt" // - as document id ^6673^. What background is needed to understand the metaphysics? Statement of the Axioms
A statement of the three Axioms of the Immanent Metaphysics (IM) in their fully developed form. IM Core Lexicon
A language model, definitions, and descriptions for a conceptual termonology to encompasses the essential nature of what is real. Table of Correspondences
Some selected modal associations to experiment with. Axiom II Notes
As a discussion of why Axiom II takes the form that it does. Presented as a thought experiment in the nature of imagination. Q and A on the Modalities
An examination of the modality termonology as it is used in the Immanent Metaphysics. The Concept of Objectivity
Essay defines the concept of objectivity in terms of three rings of comparison. Example narratives are given to display how these rings apply. Non Polarization
Notes on the nature of the distinction between causal theory and mathematical determinism. Also, considerations on the relationship of science and mathematics, the nature of physical realism, dualism, and some general observations of how these relate to conceptual ideals. General Philosophy Discussion
Why is anything; what is life; etc. Capital Truth
About the nature of absolute truth, how it contrasts with a relative truth. Non-Relative Ethics
Some notes on the formulation of a consciousness/communication model of ethics. Contact for Collaboration
About the Author. Get the Books
A link to the Magic Flight online store for purchasing the Immanent Metaphysics Book. #| I_F3D_476_X | S |
#| I_EZ4_XBJ_X | | ENDF: