Conflict Index

'Conflict oriented'? Why does this area even exist? I thought it was better to avoid conflict?
Most of the content herein in in some way connected to my person and/or to (too often) somewhat unpleasant experiences that I (may) have had. Any resemblance to real people or actual events is purely coincidental. All innocent parties shall remain that.

Yet, despite the pain, there were important lessons learned. So I elect to document some of my learnings in this respect, to be sure that the more positive work I am also trying to do is not 'ill-advised', simply because it failed to take into account the reality of reality.

As such, you should be advised of the following:.
Warning: Content found herein is not "safe". For this site, this is the deep end of the pool.

Anything herein is somewhat social conflict oriented and is likely to be provocative to most civil people. Not recommended -- do not proceed -- if you are reactive, have any personal emotional trauma or other issues, and/or have been identified by anyone at all as an abusive troll.

You have been warned.

Ok, I get the disclamer.
Is there anything else I should know?
Actually that was not the standard disclaimer.
That reads as follows:.
The author assumes no responsibility and is not liable for any interpretation of this document or of any of these documents or of any potential effects and consequences in the lives of the readers of this/these document(s).

The opinions of this author are exclusively his own, and do not represent the opinions or purposes of any other person, persons, or organizations, actual or potential, on this earth or beyond it.

If you proceed, you agree to forever hold harmless and indemnify the author against any negative opinions, and/or changes in same, or any other potentially negative social, practical, or material consequences.

I can accept all of that.
What publication topical areas are available?
Tech and AI Risk
Some aspects of how technology can be a serious problem: Known and unknown x-risk factors of the very highest category.

Kill The Monster
Being a collection of opinion papers on the problems associated with 'social media', or as is herein considered to be "a social miasma".

Extractive Sovereignty
A number of varied documents on how things can sometimes go wrong in community.

Men Problems
A small collection of notes and essays about issues specific to men.

Power Politics
A small collection of notes and essays about some specific local/regional/national power and control issues.

The Dark Fire Scenario
Novel class of x-risk due to current unknowns in the physics/science/astrophysics community to make sense of particle/physical phenomena. Example of how un-calibrated epistemic process can lead to extreme ethical gap type problems. As an example of the emergence of sociological bias. (Warning: High Energy Physics).