Geek Index

What publications are available?
The Immanent Metaphysics
Being a description of the nature of the relation between objective and subjective.

The Incommensuration Theorem
Why symmetry and continuity are inherently incompatable in all epistemic methods of science.

The Hard Problem
A consideration of the relation between 1st and 3rd person in the context of time.

Civilization Design
Being a collection of special interest papers on the topic of how to establish civil society.

Twitter Q & A
Occasionally people ask me questions on Twitter. Sometimes I will find time to edit some of the more interesting ones -- at least that I think so -- and post them here.

Own Music
A bunch of music I composed about 40 years ago, on early MIDI hardware. It has classical leanings. Most people probably will not like it.

Demo Code
A number of geek explorations and experiments.

Things to buy
Magic-Flight products, some of my books, shop things, tools, and similar.

EGS Authoring
Documents some aspects of a note taking system I developed in the early 1990's and have been using ever since.

Categorical Theory
A conversation regarding the nature of mathematics, and its relations to metaphysics.