The Men Problem Area

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About the Nail
Some observations about social power in relationships.

A really depressing poem. Very short. I wrote this after a really bad breakup, sometime in the 1990s. Maybe better to skip it.

The Place
I woke up one morning with a vision and dream -- rather a bad nightmare really. It ended up being a multi-layered metaphor for a number of social problems.

Note; this is a long and really depressing prose poem. Do not attempt to read on a day when you are already depressed!

Lets get Cut (not!)
A very hot button social and political issue involving consent and its absense. Examines the role that private social practices can potentially have long term social implications. Best to avoid -- not for the timid.

Note; any other title or description that I would give it would simply end up being clickbait.

Cut Commentary
(Note that this post will only make sense in the context of the above). Some commentary and observations in the space of how bad epistemic process can produce significantly problematic social outcomes. Implications in relation to civ-design are considered.