Extractive Sovereignty

As an exploration of how social animals
can be self oriented.

'Self Orinted'? What do you mean by that?
It means 'non-altruistic', in a number of specific meanings and levels. Even more specifically, it means content connected to non-collaborative, atomized, individual private concerns. In this case, usually to my own concerns, as a single "self".

Alright, fine.
What publications are available?
Fea and the 'Foot-ball'
A parable of appropriation.

Song and Credit
Commentary on Fea and the 'Foot-Ball' parable. An exploration of why, in some contexts, non-rivalous materials should nonetheless be treated as personal art, and not copied.

Knight and Wizard
A parable that explores what it currently means to be a teacher and a true altruistic systems developer in the modern social context. Any connection to the IM is purely coincidental.

Daniel and Tim Freke
Annotated transcript of a public conversation that Daniel had with Tim Freke.

Daniel Bio Review
Daniel, whom I have known and shared a lot of content with, is doing very good works in the world, as teacher, diplomat, and social systems designer. Maybe the work he is doing -- and will do -- will save me from a lot of personal worry and effort?

I once noticed a really fun quote on Twitter, that suggested some interesting possibilities. Here is my considered response.

Professional Services
Sometimes people occasionally want to pay me significant amounts of money. Mostly this because I can say or do or write very interesting and unique things. This document defines some of my policies regarding services for money. Iff you actually want to hire me, you will need contact me privately.

Contact for Collaboration
About the Author.