The Politics Sucks
Problem Statement Area

What publication topics are available?
Vote System Check
Want to find out if they cheated the vote?
Be the 1st to know!
Use this handy little algorithm
to prove it to your friends now...

Vote Check Commentary
Some question and answer responses to the above method of verifying where there has been systematic vote fraud in complex national scale elections.

Life, Liberity, Happiness?
Foundations of values systems in USA.

The Community Questions
Questions that any community can ask itself to evaluate and diagnose its own level of health and integrity.

The Bonewits Cult Danger Eval
A historical example of a way to evaluate whether a given group is likely to be dangerous, either to its participants, or to other groups, communities, etc.

The Sensocracy
Some free ranging dialogue on what it means to think about global governance.

Also with this followp: Sensocracy_2

Moloch vs WinWin
Some intro considerations associated with solving multi-polar traps.

Tracking the Axiom II implications of USA hyper-narcissistic culture.

Philosophy In Time
Philosophy as it changes in time; Axiom II implications.

The Marisol Initiative
This is an older area maintained for evidential reasons. It is an example in/of a local area politics situation, which considers how a community under siege, emotional manipulation tactics, makes sense of an issue rushed by a vote. Looking carefully, it can be seen as an example of the many means/techniques by developer corporations make use of layers of social deception -- one implemented in favor of market profits at the expense of local community/environment.

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