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The Hard Problem
Of Consciousness
#| | B | What Resources are available? #| | G | doc-pdf    doc-htm    doc-htm    src-pdf    src-txt
The Hard Problem Essay; ver 1.1
Explains why even perfect understanding of neural process does not help us to answer an important class of real questions. The Hard Problem Text
Draft essay on the basis by which a reconcilation of 1st and 3rd person perspectives. //

Choice Comic
// Free Will
A Comic. Rather fun, and very short. // Maybe better to see it. //
The Epistemic Sandwich
Support for the concept of a non-entropic arrow of time, as a summary rendered in only one page. This is a short form diagram of the essential structure of the proof. The Hard Problem Notes
Some EGS notes about the primary question. Free Will Theorem vs Determinism
General notes. Quest Analytic
Early planning notes in EGS for essay development. #| | S |
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