The Incommensuration Theorem
Essays by Forrest Landry

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The Incommensuration Theorem
The ICT; Short proof; Ver 1.25; Part 1

Defines the basic design and statement of the Incommensuration Theorem. Here presented in exactly the same manner and text as in the White Book. Main changes being that it is given without the paragraph marks, and without any of the links to other White Book content. Transconverted to mobile ready narrow PDF format; part 1.

Reflections on the ICT   Ver 1.25, Part 2, PDF
Considers the meanings of symmetry and continuity as seen in terms of a number of other fundamental science and math concepts and topics. Part 2 of the above, (mobile ready pdf).

Particle Model of Comparison   PDF (New)
As an alternate model, based on a particle physics metaphor, describing why concept of comparison has the intrinsics that it does. Has the effect of re-explaining some of the same content as the above, using a very simplified Standard Model concept of particle physics as the conceptual explanation framework.

The ICT Dialog   Ver 1.7; PDF
A dialog that incorporates the ICT proof and associated part 2 concepts, along with some expanded question and answer considerations of some associated preliminary topics so as to setup why the concept of comparison would be so considered in the 1st place.

Uses the intrinsics of comparison (measurement) to show that symmetry and continuity are inherently conjugate perspectives. Generalizes same to consistency with the essense of Godel and EPR, as well as the apparent conflicted relation between QM and GR.

The ICT Dialog   Ver 1.5; slider HTML
A somewhat earlier version of the dialogue, presented in an experimental html format, with phrase based line breaks, as intended to be easier to read and review on a mobile device. This format allows for various alternate narrative paths to be provided by providing sliding sections which can be selected by the reader while reading the document. This document is also presented in an experimental non-wrapping phrase format, which might make, in some cases and for some people, understanding somewhat easier.

The ICT Dialog   Ver 1.33 (draft) PDF
A much earlier draft and preliminary version of the dialogue, setup to print as a PDF on a standard paper. (Retained as per request only).